Bioinsider Presents “Diagnostic Landscape For COVID-19” Virtual Meeting On June 18, 2020


Bioinsider LLC (Bioinsider) will present the “Diagnostic Landscape for COVID-19” virtual meeting on Thursday, June 18, 2020. The event, chaired by Dr. Karl V. Voelkerding, medical director of Genomics and Bioinformatics at ARUP Laboratories, will feature talks on molecular, serology, rapid testing, clinical considerations when testing, and properly handling the pandemic with the current testing capacity.

Attendees will have access to seven scientific talks, a closing panel discussion, two-speed networking sessions, and face-to-face breakout discussions. The virtual event is the first in Bioinsider’s four-part “Together as One COVID-19” Series, with all net proceeds from the series going to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

To register, visit:

“The Diagnostic Landscape for COVID-19 event will provide a platform for experts and decision-makers in the diagnostic field to share ideas, scientific findings, and shape the direction of future innovations and testing development around COVID-19,” said Bioinsider Founder and CEO Dr. Ngoc (Emily) Le. “Having an open platform such as this can speed up collaborations, address the current COVID-19 diagnostic testing need, and help us quickly get back to a new normal. With the influx in COVID-19 diagnostic tests, it is critical that we have the opportunity to examine and evaluate different testing methods and their performances.”

Event speakers include experts from:

  • University of Utah
  • ARUP Laboratories
  • University of Maryland
  • Wadsworth Center
  • Mayo Clinics
  • Brown University
  • LabCorp
  • and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Following speaker presentations, attendees may join one of six breakout discussions.

The event is available to both academic/non-profit and commercial attendees, $25 and $50 respectively. Face-to-face breakout sessions will be limited to 15 participants each and are available for an additional cost of $25.

Members of the scientific and medical communities are encouraged to register early, as speed networking and breakout sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, visit

To view full event details, final program, breakout discussion, and future events, visit

About Bioinsider
Founded in 2020, Bioinsider LLC is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to creating a quality-driven, unbiased virtual meeting platform for communication among the scientific community, policymakers, and business leaders. The goal of these events is to create connections, enrich knowledge, foster collaborations, drive the success of the research, and spark innovations. For more information, visit

About Dr. Ngoc ‘Emily’ Le, Founder and CEO, Bioinsider
Dr. Le received her Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and spent years working as a content conference producer and led the product development analytics group at Cambridge Healthtech Institute. She has nine years of experience working with academic, healthcare, biopharma, and executive professionals in technical-scientific and business settings. She has diverse knowledge in diagnostics, drug development, commercial strategy, and various therapeutic areas, including immuno-oncology, and gene and cell therapies.

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Ralph Rogers, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Clinician Educator, Infectious Diseases, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Ralph Rogers, MD is an infectious disease specialist at the Lifespan Cancer Institute. He earned his medical degree from The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University where he also completed his residency and fellowship in infectious diseases. Dr. Rogers is Assistant Professor of Medicine, Clinician Educator Division of Infectious Diseases Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He is a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and the American Society of Transplantation (AST).

John Sninsky, PhD

Consultant, Translational Sciences

John J. Sninsky, PhD is a translational medicine consultant with deep understanding of diagnostics and diagnostics paired with medicine intervention. John has served in senior management positions in small and large CLIA service laboratories and in vitro diagnostic kit companies including Cetus, Roche Molecular Systems, Celera, Quest and CareDx. He was a member of the pioneering Cetus team that developed and optimized PCR technology for research and diagnostic use; specifically, the virology team developed the HIV, HTLV, HPV, HCV and HBV PCR assays. John put in place a surveillance initiative for viral variants and presented at the first FDA PMA advisory meeting for HIV PCR approval.

Timothy J. O’Leary, MD, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Pathology, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Former Chief Research and Development Officer, Veterans Affairs

Timothy O’Leary, MD, is Adjunct Professor of Pathology at the University of Maryland and served as Chief Research and Development Officer (CRADO) of the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2013-2015. He holds a doctorate in physical chemistry from Stanford University and a medical degree from the University of Michigan.

He is certified in anatomic pathology by the American Board of Pathology and in molecular genetic pathology by the American Board of Pathology and the American Board of Medical Genetics. Prior to his VA service, O’Leary chaired the Department of Cellular Pathology and Genetics at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for more than 15 years. He joined VA in 2004 and served as Director of Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development, Director of Clinical Sciences Research and Development, and Deputy CRADO prior to his appointment as CRADO. O’Leary also served as a reserve member of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps from 1979 to 2010, serving two tours on active duty. His research interests include genomics, proteomics, and ultrasensitive detection of biological toxins. He has served on numerous federal panels and advisory committees, including the Health and Human Services Clinical Laboratory Improvement Advisory Committee and the Food and Drug Administration Hematology and Devices Panel. O’Leary, the holder of four patents, has authored or co-authored more than 190 journal articles and numerous book chapters and technical reports. He is a past president of the Association for Molecular Pathology and served as editor-in-chief for the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.